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Our goal at Metatest is to help you make smart nutritional and training choices. These smart nutritional choices include not only your daily eating but also your training and racing nutrition. Whether you are an accomplished athlete or someone trying to change their body image, you can always benefit from the knowledge that metabolic testing will give you. Anyone who has dieted and trained knows that guessing can be very frustrating. At Metatest, we remove the guess work and give you facts that will help map out your training plan to achieve the positive results that you are looking for. Having these facts about your nutritional requirements can make the difference between achieving your goal or not.



Our Story:

Metatest was founded by Samantha and Jared Sweet. After losing 140lbs, Samantha became a USAT triathlete and certified fitness trainer. As a college athlete while earning her advanced degree in Sports Medicine, Sam learned the sciences behind metabolism, VO2, and body composition testing from a practical and classroom perspective.  This has changed her life and allowed her to achieve her goals while giving her a unique perspective for teaching others how to succeed in fitness and life.  Jared is triple certified in Wellness, Corporate Wellness, and Lifestyle and Weight Management.  Together, Samantha and her husband, Jared, can teach you the science that they have learned and lived to give you the facts that you need to succeed.


At Metatest we believe that meeting your goals includes:

Take advantage of the laterst technology in fitness assessments in Las Vegas. With vO2 testing by Metatest we can offer you this elite service, usually only available to professional athletes. vO2 Testing and Training provides a true measure of your fitness level as a baseline or as your go through your training cycle. At Metatest, we use this technology to help you meet your fitness goals.







J.H. , Triathlete, Las Vegas, NV:

"If you are debating whether you need a coach, the answer is a resounding YES! It truly took the time I was devoting to the sport and made it count for 10x's the results. If you are debating wether Metatest is the right team for you? That is of course individually based, but if you are looking for knowledgable, well rounded, big picture coaches that truly take the time to care about you, look no further....
My only true regret is that I didn't start sooner, I cry thinking how much time I wasted over the last few years trying to do it on my own....."

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